Mergers vs Acquisitions

What is the difference between mergers vs acquisitions? Both mergers and acquisitions are two of the most common corporate restructuring strategies, and are often mentioned in the same breath.

Incorporation vs LLC

Not all incorporation options are created equal. In choosing between an incorporation vs LLC, you have to consider both the advantages and the disadvantages that each option can provide

QuickBook vs Quicken

Both QuickBook and Quicken are extremely popular financial management tools. They are used by many different people for various purposes, from personal accounting to business financial planning. Interestingly, both

W2 vs 1099 Calculator

The question “employee or independent contractor?” may seem like a very simple question. However, if we ask, “W2 or 1099?” the answer is much more tricky and difficult. If

Dividend Rate vs APY

So, you are planning to transfer your savings to a bank account right now, but you are confused about dividend rate vs APY. Some banks use dividend rate, while


Vanguard Total Stock Market (VTSMX) and Vanguard S&P 500 (VFINX) are both suitable as core holdings in your stock portfolio. The VTSMX index fund provides exposure to the entire

Liberty Tax vs H&R Block

If you’ve been procrastinating tax filling – it’s now the time to get the ball rolling. Your papers will not fill up themselves. No worries; although tax filling is

IBR vs Pay As You Earn

In the following article, we will discuss about IBR vs Pay As You Earn. Why should we discuss about these student loan payments? It is because student loan balances

TaxAct vs TurboTax

Finally, you sit down in front of your computer to prepare your taxes. Tax preparation is indeed a tedious task, especially if you need to handle stacks of W-2s

Mvelopes vs YNAB

Personal budgeting software, like Mvelopes vs YNAB which we will discuss below, will not help much with self-deprivation. Your income is just what it is and you have to